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Ian Toner's deep and diligent pre-event research, viewer-friendly game analysis, and insightful interview questions, combined with his affable personality, are why everyone likes working with him so much. He continues to earn respect from athletes, journalists, and audiences alike, all the while making his broadcast partners shine.

Tim Rockwood | Executive Producer; Managing Director of Broadcasting and Marketing, World Flying Disc Federation; Former Olympic Researcher, ABC Sports; Former NBA Producer, Turner Sports


I have produced many events where Ian served as a Play by Play or Color commentator. The fact that he can do both extremely well is a compliment to his craft.

Ian brings a lot of energy and expertise to our shows. He can explain why things are happening but bring fun to what is going on. 

Ian does that by really finding out what the athlete thinks and reacts when they are playing. He does that by talking to the players and asking the right questions.

Ian is also an excellent interviewer. The viewers really get to know what the coach or athlete is thinking and reacting to what's left to be played.

I always look forward to our shows and know that we will have fun and teach the viewer at the same time.

David Tasca | Producer/Director for ESPN College Sports

It was a true pleasure to work with Ian during his time at Syracuse.

Ian exemplifies what it means to be a professional in the broadcast industry.

Skilled, friendly, accountable and always overly prepared for every event we worked on together. I came to expect nothing but 100 percent effort when Ian called a telecast for me on the ACC Network.

I have no doubt that Ian’s career in the television broadcast industry is extremely bright and he will continue to build upon the success he has already achieved!

Scott Hecht | Executive Producer/Director at Syracuse Athletic Productions, ACC Network

Scott Hecht Headshot.jpg

It's been really special watching Ian develop into an amazingly versatile broadcaster. Through determination, preparation, and his obvious natural ability and instincts, he has shown he can adapt to virtually any on-air curveball. Whether he's calling play-by-play, offering insightful analysis, or creating original content, Ian's professionalism shines. He's definitely made me better, and I've been privileged to have him as a partner.

Evan Lepler | PxP Announcer

I love working with Ian because he approaches broadcasts through the lens of partnership. Whether it's calling a game together or prepping for a game, I know he will work with me to put together the best possible product. He's someone who listens, takes feedback and adjusts, is a critical thinker, and is infectious with the energy he brings. I've hired him before and I'd hire him again!

Qxhna Titcomb | All-Star Ultimate Tour Executive Director

Qxhna profile picture.jpg

In the near-decade working together, Ian Toner has been a consummate broadcast professional. His knowledge of the sport, league, teams, coaches, players and even staff have made him one of the best go-to broadcasters of our sport. His humility and desire to work with all crew members make him especially qualified and are the number one reasons I recommend him.

Luke Johnson | Director of Production, American Ultimate Disc League



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